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Passion Plus Success Club
Finally, a place where women entrepreneurs are connecting consciously, professionally, and successfully!

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What are the benefits to joining?

  • LIVE Monthly Group Coaching Call- On this call we will have an open dialogue, and you will be able to ask any questions about your business, marketing strategies, increasing sales, or any other business strategy questions to move your business into success. We will discuss on every call exactly what you need to do bring your passion into success, recognition, and MORE MONEY!

  • Monthly Training (Audio or Video)- You will be given monthly ACTION STEPS, these ACTION STEPS are what is going to move your passion, your dream, and your business into the next phase of MORE SUCCESS, MORE FREEDOM, MORE MONEY.

  • Marketing & Sales Strategies That Work
  • Access to the Experts Panel Discussions and Training
  • Workshops
  • LIVE and Recorded Audio Trainings
  • Conscious Life Work Balance Strategies
  • Daily interaction through our closed Facebook Group, giving daily networking opportunities and discussions with like minded professionals and business owners
  • Building Your Net Worth through Networks Networking Events
  • Finding Income Producing Activities That Work For You
  • The Referral Program-to increase your clients
  • Innovative Tips on Building A Loyal Customer Base
  • Special Offers on Events, and Conferences
  • Reminder- All calls, videos, and audio trainings, will be archived from the date you join.  Access to calls, audio, etc., recorded prior to your registration are not guaranteed

Is the Passion Plus Success Club for me if I’m just starting my business?

  • YES! The Passion Plus Success Club is just as valuable for new entrepreneurs, as well as those who have been doing it a little longer. For new entrepreneurs joining the Passion Plus Success Club, the key is being READY to dive in and JUMPSTART YOUR SUCCESS by taking IMMEDIATE ACTION to reach your goals. The fact that 70% of all Americans are living check to check, single moms are on the rise, and 7.8 million women owned businesses are in the United States, we want to make sure that WOMEN ARE WINNING.

What if I want to cancel my membership?

  • You can cancel your membership at anytime by contacting us.

How often does new content get added?

  • Coaching calls, tele-conferences, LIVE Trainings, Seminars, Networking Events and more are posted monthly.

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How To Enroll?

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