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Welcome to "Morning Passion" the Monday morning motivation you need to stimulate your week, your growth, and your entrepreneurial journey!

Who do I do this for?

Honestly, I don't do this for you, I do it for me!

I know that entrepreneurs need motivation.
I know that entrepreneurs need support.
I know that entrepreneurs need to know that they are not alone.
It took me a couple of years, but I finally know my purpose...

I am here to support the path of entrepreneurs, specifically women entrepreneurs, and connect us through music, talks, training, networking and more.

"Morning Passion" is a LIVE 
Tele-Conference free to all who

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The Art of Sales
The Art of Sales is a lesson series on the art of sales specially created for the Passion Plus Success Club, A Business Woman's Club, on how to overcome your fear of sales, techniques to use, and more. This is part one. (MP3 Download will be emailed to you within 24 hours of your purchase.) Non-Refundable Transaction. Copyright 2015. The Creative Society, Inc.
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I Don't Do This For You...
Morning Passion Monday Motivation Tele-Seminar Download aired 1/19/15 @8 AM EST. Non-Refundable Transaction. Copyright 2015. The Creative Society, Inc.
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